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We are the dream - mechta - for online-projects in the event industry.
We came
from event
into online
We fully understand the challenges of organizing online projects for events
Tight Deadlines
In event sphere, time is always limited, and there's a need to implement solutions here and now. However, there are very few online partners who can quickly adapt to the implementation timing.
Project Budget
Contractor Experience
The goal is to find a team that can be entrusted with organizing the online component without fear of making mistakes and hiccups.
There's always a risk of exceeding the project budget when organizing events, but still the desire is to achieve an excellent result. Agencies with impressive portfolio cases and good taste are often too expensive.
We have successfully developed and implemented a number of online-projects
( what we do )
We can
Web Production
Video Production
We conduct online broadcasts for internal or external audiences, ranging from Zoom parties to global transmissions.
We create websites and platforms for online events with clear design and user-friendly interfaces.
We develop and implement an interactive online platform in the format of an advent calendar to engage the audience in the event.
Special projects
We design online projects aimed at expanding brand reach and recognition.
We develop interactive activities and games to motivate users to engage in the process and interact.
We handle both full and partial tasks for creating exclusive video content.
We are proud of
Platform for companies’ employees engagement
the ability to set up employee registration under your company: by countries, departments, etc.
platform design development on the basis of the company identity or any event
Audience engagement
the ability to capture attention and increase employee engagement in the event through non-traditional activities on the platform
Activities customization
propose our creative activities for company employees and set up the process for their participation
check out the functionality on our New Year’s platform
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